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DF-2018-03 / „Tribute“ Tee

It´s all in the name and so obvious to me; We are paying homage to the world´s few favourite bands and decades of music that inspires everything we know and love. I was almost born and raised with Depeche Mode in the 80ies, fell in love consciously with disco music late in my 20ies and always was tapping into the beautiful and versatile world of Fleetwood Mac. We hope you find yourself somewhere in these landmarks.

DF-2018-03 will be online Sunday 13th of may and will be limited to 15 pieces each colorway.






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DF-2018-02 / „Chains“ Longsleeve

There are situations in life when you think you gonna throw it all away. We’ve all been there. 2018 marks 10 Years of Team dauerfeuer, and we decided to celebrate it in our usual manner of doing things when we feel the time is right and the certain vibe is present.

When we thought about calling it quits in 2017 (again) ,and i was sitting on my sofa starring holes into the air, this AC/DC (or was it the epic Mark Kozelek cover version…) song was playing. “Big Boy Boogie” is exactly about that feeling of wanting to give up. But you’re stronger than this and rather want break the chains of lethargy. In DF-2018-02 all of this comes together. It all makes sense. At least to me.

The Long Sleeves are available in 5 different colors, with a dedicated recycled hangtag carrying your name, 2 woven labels and no useless packaging. Special thanks to Vince.





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A fresh 2018

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the Team. A lot has changed, friends joined, others left and new beloved ones will be an integral part of the things that will come up in the near future. Things are starting to make sense again and are taking shape ; with „irregular consistency“ we will start to release new pieces. When the time is right, when the wallet is full, and most important; when we feel comfortable, there will be products coming. To be very honest i don´t know exactly where the journey is going from here, but that´s exactly what i like about it. Let´s start fresh and free!

Someone still loves you…
wörn dauerfeuer

2018 Team Trailer – 1 from Team dauerfeuer on Vimeo.

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Team dauerfeuer needs a reboot. Our Webshop will be temporarily offline until new stuff arrives beginning of 2018.
There is a lot of work these days besides Team dauerfeuer but already a plan to refresh it soon. 2018 marks the year of our 10th anniversary and we would be off our minds if we wouldn´t celebrate that. Stay tuned and bare with us on a short time off from team-related things. We will take a step back, rethink, refresh and re-ignite team dauerfeuer. Long live Team dauerfeuer! Check the blog and our social media for irregular updated, new mixes and random thoughts. Someone still loves you!



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Bored To Death Mix / June 2016

This Mix was meant for a bigger platform to release, but these sleepyheads could not deliver in time, and before the heat gets dusty we decide to put it out over here. It´s more or less a Mix featuring some of our recent favorites. May was a huge months for good sound. Enjoy!


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4000er Mini-Mix / Dankeschön!

Over night we have recognized that our facebook Page went up to 4000 Followers. Over Wörn did a Mini-Mix on the fly to say thank you. We really appreaciate any support, every Like and every comment. It´s not the main part of why we do this, but it´s good to get recognized and not working / having fun in the dark!


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Team dauerfeuer Radio 21 – Enna

Nummer 21 des dauerfeuer Podcasts bestreitet eine unser längsten und liebsten Supporterinnen. Enna ist Illustratorin, Designerin und Gründerin des Lifestyle & Kids Labels Anny Who in Hannover. Mittlerweile zieht sie als Sängerin von „Kirrin Island“ durch deutsche Clubs und singt zudem in der Indie / Electro-Songwriter Band „Sopha“, mir der sie gerade eine neue EP veröffentlichte. Hörenswert! Genauso wie ihr Podcast: zwischen den Polen leise, einfühlsam und catchy. Bitte bleib in unser Nähe Enna!

Folgt Enna auf Ihren Abenteuern:

Enna still loves you!
Euer Team dauerfeuer