Off-Topic w/ Saltyyyy Vi

We met Vi during an internship and saw her progressing from a design student to a producer back to being independent and freelancing and… surfing and chasing the dream of packing her bags to move to california. This is her “Off Topic.

Please give us a brief review of your favorite record in 2019.


It is definitely “Flamagra” by Flying Lotus, but this is quite an easy one. I think there was no record by any other producer that I have been waiting for so long, 5 years! Flylo never disappoints, I love how each time he releases a new album you know exactly he reinvents himself but still recognizable in his style. This drop is a 27-track album that covers and fuses again so many different styles and genres in music. Elements of Jazz, hip hop, soundscapes and electronic music throughout the whole album. Also the featured artist are on this album are top notch, such as Toro Y Moi, Little Dragon, Thundercat and Solange.


What was the best time for being a fan of hardcore Bedroom show or club atmosphere?


I think since I’m sitting at home all by myself making those beats, I definitely need that contrast of going out there and at least try and throw a party. Also, to check back with reality if the beats I made and felt so much in my bedroom, make people going in as hard!


Give us a kickstarter on vietnamese music and must-haves.


I wouldn’t say I’m the best informed person about the music scene there, but I low-key follow what’s going on, and want to specifically talk about the first female rapper “Suboi” from Saigon. I think it was probably ten years ago when I first saw a rap video of her the first time. She definitely caught my attention. My first reaction was just like, damn that’s weirdest thing and combo I have ever seen. A Vietnamese girl with dreadlocks, wearing baggy pants and spitting vietnamese rhymes like crazy. In a weird way I could totally relate. As a german born but Vietnamese descent, I grew up loving hip hop but already felt like I’m so far away from the actual hip hop culture. Seeing her living this, but in a country that is dominated by traditions is actually even more amazing to see! A decade later she’s still in the game and even more successful and popular than ever, it’s good to see the music evolving so much in Vietnam.

Shopping online or going to shop in town?


Depends on in which town. If it’s Nuremberg then online. if it’s Tokyo or LA then definitely town! Or DOWNTOWN!


If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would be on your plate?


Oh god, tough one. Even just the thought of it scares me. I don’t know if I should only go solely for taste or should also put the possible health affects in consideration (as it’s lifelong)?! But I think the all-round ultimate winner would be Vietnamese spring rolls with grilled fresh catfish! The catfish is very important.


Programming beats or surfing?


This is a level of question like: Do you prefer sleeping or going to the toilet? I don’t know, honestly. Both changed my life, I think there is no answer to this question.


The song that always makes you flip when played in nightlife?


Oh man, also tough one. But it definitely will always be “Let Me Love You” by Mario, very cheesy and slow but had it in nightlife played before!


What is your recipe to deal with recent happenings and how do you stay sane being locked in at home?


Yeah, this whole topic of staying sane in this world is more relevant than ever and not only during the current happenings I believe. I’ve been digging deep in this whole topic for a long time now, and to be honest not much has actually changed in my activities or the things that I do. In the past years I have been focusing much on my health and well being. During this time in lockup, I read a lot of books about mindfulness, I practice to observe my thoughts, sit with them and shift them to positive ones once it’s getting out of control or all catastrophic. Or I try to see something positive in the bad things, cause we most likely will understand later on why this is all happening, like we need to just trust life.


I stay away from he news if possible, I think that’s the real virus here too. It’s really tough these days but it does work!


This time I believe is an opportunity for all of us to do what we always wanted to do, so I try to focus on my skills with all my energy and keep visualizing that one day I can make an independent living out of doing what I absolutely love. It gives me so much hope – Hope is the only thing that really keeps me going at the moment. In my case it’s definitely making music and art. It’s sort of an escapism in these crazy times, but with the benefit of becoming better at what you are doing. I hate the feeling of being stuck, stuck in my apartment, stuck in my head, stuck with my life, so it’s almost like a tunnel vision that I’ve got – to get the fuck out of here once this is all over! So I’m just pushing through, get going and try to be really disciplined. mean, we always complain that we don’t have enough time etc., so this is the time now!


We will all be fine though at the end of the day, let’s just try to be remain healthy and come up with a world changing idea!


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Interview & Photos by: Wörn dauerfeuer